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We are an award winning salon and traditional barber shop located in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. Cha Cha's is different from other salons. We directly embrace the beauty parlours of the glamorous days of Hollywood, and the barbershop of your youth. In our opinion, we believe that we have the best stylist and barbers not only in Lexington, KY - but the whole darn world.  We specialize in advanced hair coloring, including hair painting and baylayage, and precision hair cutting.  We have been voted Lexington's best salon seven years in a row.

Cha Cha's Meets Davines

Ever since Cha Cha’s opened in 2008, we have prided ourselves in having an open and honest communication with you, our clients. This includes continuing education for ourselves so we can be better stylists to all of you. We know it’s scary when you walk in and one of your favorite products isn't on the shelf anymore. But trust me, we would never ask you to try a new product line with us if we didn't think it would benefit you completely. We still have TONS of your favorite tried and true lines like Kevin Murphy, but we recently dipped our toes in the Davines pool and we really, really think you will like it too. 

To make it simple, we started with a few smaller lines within the brand to avoid the overwhelming desire of sniffing every single product (trust me, this stuff smells good). I'm here to give you a quick overlook of each one to help you better decide which might be a good fit for you so you are prepared for your next visit. 



This line is super cool. It's formulated with no added coloring, no parabens, and no sulfates. All of it's packaging is recyclable and made from recycled products, even down to the ink on the paper (whaaaat?). Davines has also committed this line (and others) to participate in the “Zero Impact Carbon Neutral Project” which, long story short, is a really cool way of measuring their carbon output each year and replacing each tree and plant that they use for their ingredients. Literally giving back what they take from the environment. Round of applause for Davines. 

The “More Inside” line includes four different formulas, “extra moisturizing”, “extreme bounce”, “texture”, and “anti-flaking”. They all vary in strength, and all promote shine, workable wear, and the general happiness of your hair. 



Raise your hand if you color your hair. Oh. All of you? Hello, meet your new favorite line formulated for you. Carefully crafted shampoos and conditioners that cater to brunettes, red heads, AND blondes. This ain’t your granny’s blue rinse though. All shampoos are formulated without silicones, parabens, and sulfates and contain tons of vitamin B to support healthy hair. The packaging for the Alchemic shampoos is made of 97% biodegradable ingredients. Your conditioners, which have super cool names like “tobacco” and “chocolate”, are all made from naturally derived ingredients including pure pigments. 



Y’all, I'm not kidding when I say this has quickly become one of our favorite lines in the salon. The Oi line is for ALL hair types and does a really great job of promoting softness, shine, frizz control, and decreased drying time. All of the products in this particular line have one thing in common - roucou oil as the main ingredient. A miracle from the Amazon, roucou oil is packed with beta carotene and serves as a natural heat (not thermal) protectant for your locks. 

The Oi line contains a shampoo made with the magical roucou and rose oils and a conditioner formulated with apricot butter, which smells and feels incredible. We have also been blessed with a styling oil, a body wash, and the product thats got us all arm wrestling each other for the last drop - the almighty “all in one milk”. The Oi “Milk” is pretty much an all purpose styling product that conditions and fights frizz and also promotes volume and memory to your style. Let us try it in your next blow dry. 


As always, we are not car salesmen and will never try to cram a million products into your purse each time you visit the shop. However, we work very hard to be able to provide you with the absolute best products in the salon that we confidently believe you can take home and recreate and maintain your favorite styles by yourself. We stand by each and every product we put in your hair, and thats a fact. We can't wait to see you guys for your next appointment so we can share (and smell) all of our fun new products with you!